Chanel’s Art Container

‘I want to be part of what’s happening’ Coco Chanel once said, so no doubt she would be proud of this revolutionary travelling art project comissioned by Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel brand. The jaw-droppingly sexy Zaha Hadid-designed structure features twenty exhibits from prolific international artists, who were given a brief to create works based around Chanel’s back catalogue of iconic handbags. This combination of an international premium brand, a visionary architect and a team of celebrated artists has created one of the most magical luxury brand experiences for years, with a trip to the pavilion likened by one visitor to being trapped inside a lavish Chanel commercial! Now that’s got to be worth a try. Here at ‘i-am’ we’re very much looking forward to the art container’s touchdown in the Big Smoke later this year…

Mobile Art will travel from Hong Kong to Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Paris over the course of two years. Keep up to date here:


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