‘i-am’ are pleased to be working with Domus, one of the UK’s leading tile brands, to prepare a series of brand enhancement ideas designed to move the existing brand forward and ahead of the competition. Five years ago ‘i-am’ created a new Domus identity and vibrant brand personality that translated to all areas of their business, including branded binders, sample cards and signage. ‘i-am’ also created the ‘Surface’ sub-brand targeting the booming home market. Now, to help maintain Domus’s edge on the competition, ‘i-am’ are in the process of refreshing and extending the look and feel of the brand to keep them ahead – adding new design elements and devices. The team also looked at the ‘Brand Architecture’: the actual structure of the branding and how the company uses their mark. Visit:
Above left:
The Battersea showroom for Domus sub-brand ‘Surface’. Designed by ‘i-am’ associates, it features a 26-metre long spiralling entrance.
For more info on this project, contact ‘i-am’ here:


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