Visa Swap

Both ethical and exciting, this is the kind of unique shopping experience that ‘i-am’ love.
Is your summer wardrobe craving an update? If so, the imminent opening of the pop-up Visa Swap shop could be the answer to your sartorial prayers. This concept from Visa UK is the UK’s first ever high-fashion swapping event. So how does it work? It’s easy – take your unwanted clothes and accessories (whether they’re designer or high street) to a drop-off spot in London’s Covent Garden. You’ll be rewarded with a Visa Swap card loaded with points which you can then spend on other donated items. Another point worth mentioning is that Visa have teamed up with TRAID, a charity committed to reducing poverty and protecting the environment through the recycling of clothing. This is the kind brand unification that can really make a difference, appealing to fashionistas and eco-warriors alike.

Visa Swap, 21st June – 20th July, Covent Garden. Visit for locations and details of Swap Point Values.


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