Chic and Basic

Reported straight from the ‘i-am’ team in Barcelona, this article on the hotel Chic & Basic caught our eye, because of the brand’s all-encompassing customer experience. Here’s a clipping of the article – visit the ‘i-am’ Barcelona Blog for more…

Chic & Basic is cool and perfect! Cool, in the sense that there’s a nice harmony with the classic architecture of the old building combined with modern architecture and furnishings. Perfect, in the sense that everything – and I mean everything – has been considered here. This is how a brand should work.

It all about YOU when you stay at Chic & Basic. From the staff who are discrete and attentive, cute soap packaging with great copywriting, even lollipops in your welcome pack… Fabulous!

This is a great example of a brand who have considered every stage of their customer journey, carrying the brand values through from interior design and packaging to staff uniforms and training.
Visit: and ‘i-am’ Barcelona


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