Food Inc.


The restyle of department store Whiteley’s in Bayswater, west London continues with the opening of a new destination food hall on the ground floor. A cross between a premium supermarket and a farmers’ market , Food Inc. consists of 16 ‘stalls’ including a glittering fresh fish counter, a cabinet of iced cupcakes, a patisserie and charcuterie.


Described as ‘Borough Market without the muddy wellies’, the design and branding of Food Inc. is clean and vibrant, with each stall generously spaced to allow a relaxed stroll between zones. This is the kind of customer experience that ‘i-am’ champions. The branding is clear and coherent, and the arrangement of stalls allows easy navigation. And then there’s the food. Sourced by a Head Chef as opposed to a Retail Manager, Food Inc.’s point of difference is in it’s restaurant approach to food retail. Visit Food Inc. Whiteley’s Department Store, Queensway, London W2


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