Les Bains des Docks


OK, so this newly-opened continental pool complex is stretching the boundaries of Experience Fix‘s ‘Stay‘ classification, but you could literally stay here for hours. And what better time to feature a Public Bath in this blog than when the ‘i-am’ London studio are sweltering through a mini heat-wave. Les Bains des Docks’ relaxing and cavernous system of halls is a sanctuary of smooth surfaces and rippling expanses of water, offset by bold architectural shapes. Situated in Le Havre and designed by architect Jean Nouvel, the baths are a part of a major rejuvination of one of the oldest docks in France.


The centre offers treatment zones for all-around pampering, but in terms of customer experience, ‘i-am’ are most impressed by the unexpected attention to detail that makes a visit to the baths that extra little bit special – check out the eye-searingly bright flashes of colour and smart mosaic detailing while planning your next trip across the Channel. Click HERE to see a fly-through animation.
Website: www.vert-marine.com/le-havre


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