Sick Factory

Heralding from the same south west corner as Banksy, Sickboy is one of the biggest rising stars in modern graffiti culture. ‘i-am’ ventured to the exclusive SickBoy solo show – Stay Free last night. We heard on the east end grapevine it was going to be an experience not to be missed with Sickboy replicating his 2D cretions in a 3D Experience. The exhibition was held in a secret location a stones throw from our offices. The show revolves around a mini, eerie warehouse, within a warehouse, which features lots of Sickboy’s prints but also a conveyor belt operated by ominous figures in orange jump suits and white balaclavas dolling out message laced sweet treats. Messages and neon colours were projected onto the building as people peered through miniature windows and rammed into the small inside space. The whole environment is contrived to induce the party vibe with a distinct uneasy edge! The best bit being you can create the whole street scenario in your own garden as you are given the chance to win the whole lot (worth £20K). The guest whose Golden Key fits the house lock takes it all. Check it out….


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