Null stern Hotel


When someone mutters the words Switzerland and Hotel you can image what we expected, chalet, snow, lakes beautiful views. Well quickly did our ideas change when we were introduced to the Null Stern (no star) Hotel, a Swiss hotel built within a disused Nuclear Bunker, disappointed? Well no! The new Null Stern Hotel was conceived when artist brothers, Frank and Patrick Riklin were asked by the town to take on the conversion of the bunker with the only exception that it should be available for use within 24 hours notice!! The pair have converted the bunker into a stylish and simple Hotel consisting of dorm rooms with rustic, wooden country beds, stainless steel communal bathrooms and even complimentary slippers to walk through the cold concrete hallways. Although there are the obvious reminders of the building original purpose such as stark concrete walls & the constant humm of stainless steel ventilation system the bunker has been transformed into a working Hotel the brothers have created a truly unique experience. They aim to open 12 others of this type in Switzerland, their concept is to offer simplicity to a society drunk with conspicuous consumption and I have to say I like it. for more information visit


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