Protein Forum #2


Contrary to popular belief the Protein forum has Nothing to do with your 5 a day, but is in-fact a series of talks about digital design and innovation. The 2nd protein forum was held in association with Grok which is a new-format event featuring forward thinking digital art, light installations, video and music which has just run in and around Carnaby. The night itself consisted of talks from Andreas Muller of Nanika, Marc Kremers of Digital Club and Mitch Stratten. The night was a geeks delight ranging from the wholly scripted Flower creations of Andreas Muller thats right no bitmaps , the introduction of from the guys at Digital Club and the hightlight of the evening for me from Mitch Stratten who has just created the new Toshiba advert from a completely new filming style called Timesculpture which brings a 4th dimension to filming, 200 digital camcorders and 20,000gb of data later brings us this magical advert. For more information about the Protein Forum visit


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