‘i-am’ people and culture – Platform

As the economic downturn takes its toll, one of the major industries hit has been the mortgage industry. Platform is the intermediary mortgage lender of Britannia Building Society and have bucked the trend, seeing the current climate as an opportunity. Platform engaged ‘i-am’ to help create a more powerful brand position .

Platform wanted to bring the brand to life in a way that was more than just a logo and strapline ‘i-am’ created a series of max energy, highly engaging sessions which enabled honest and open conversations between frontline employees and the Leadership team thus helping to identify and design ‘Platform Moments’
the key moments of truth, where opportunities exist to delight their customer and to differentiate themselves from the competition. The summits also paid attention to the Platform Brand Promise, to identify what differentiates Platform in this competitive environment.

Lee Gladwell, Sales & Marketing Director of Platform has described the difference that ‘i-am’ approach has made. “When refreshing their brand, most companies use what I describe as a ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ approach.Where the Marketing Department decide what the brand should be and then tell employees and customers. With the help of ‘i-am’ we have done ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’. We made sure that our Brand Promise was something that all our people genuinely bought into and that it was also a promise to our customers that we could keep”. For more information about ‘i-am’ people and culture visit http://www.i-amonline.com


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