Levis Billboard Shoreditch

Recently spotted by one of our wide eyed reporters on the street, is the amazing 3D billboard advert from Levis, just down the road from us off Shoreditch High Street the massive wave advert could be found complete with real jeans. The ad however has disappeared in last week, maybe because all the jeans had also disappeared, we dont know. Good while it lasted…


Null stern Hotel


When someone mutters the words Switzerland and Hotel you can image what we expected, chalet, snow, lakes beautiful views. Well quickly did our ideas change when we were introduced to the Null Stern (no star) Hotel, a Swiss hotel built within a disused Nuclear Bunker, disappointed? Well no! The new Null Stern Hotel was conceived when artist brothers, Frank and Patrick Riklin were asked by the town to take on the conversion of the bunker with the only exception that it should be available for use within 24 hours notice!! The pair have converted the bunker into a stylish and simple Hotel consisting of dorm rooms with rustic, wooden country beds, stainless steel communal bathrooms and even complimentary slippers to walk through the cold concrete hallways. Although there are the obvious reminders of the building original purpose such as stark concrete walls & the constant humm of stainless steel ventilation system the bunker has been transformed into a working Hotel the brothers have created a truly unique experience. They aim to open 12 others of this type in Switzerland, their concept is to offer simplicity to a society drunk with conspicuous consumption and I have to say I like it. for more information visit http://www.null-stern-hotel.ch

The Double Club

The Double Club is no ordinary pub / club / restaurant / bbq / Western and Congolese art project if there is such a thing. The Double club opened up in November for a limited period of 6 months and consists of three main spaces the bar, the restaurant and the club each area is divided into equally sized Western and Congolese parts on both a decorative and functional level. They are serious about this as the main bar area has both garden style plastic tables and chairs right next to a rather smart and expensive looking cocktail bar the room has quite literally been split in two, you are equally happy sipping a beer or a martini not feeling out of place with either. The project is fundamentally experimental and with 50% of the profit going to City of Joy / UNICEF you can also feel good about paying for your round even though you head may not the next day. A realy unique bar that is not to be missed, open till June. www.thedoubleclub.co.uk

Hussein Chalayan

February at the design museum see the first comprehensive presentation of designs by the twice named British designer of the year and now creative director of Puma, Hussein Chalayan. The exhibit showcases 15 years of experimental fashion from the designer including work such as; ‘Afterwards’ which explores the theory of ‘wearable, portable architecture’ where furniture literally transforms into wearable garments and Airbourne which sees the use of the latest LED technology in the creation of a dress covered in Swarovski crystals and 15,000 LEDs. These are among the vast collection of work from Chalayan which is impressive and technically astounding. This exhibit is enjoyable for the fashion designer, the architect and offers something for everyone no matter what your creative medium may be. So get down to the Design Museum before the 17 May and see if first hand. www.designmuseum.org


Ever since the scary days of ‘changing rooms’ it seems everyone thinks they can be an interior designer and not always with the best results but now thanks mydeco.com it has got a little easier and safer. The site aims to make home design easier and more fun by letting you choose from a wide range of brands and products and even lets you try them before you buy it..well virtually. With some serious technical mastery mydeco.com will let you build and design a 3d version of your front room, fill it with the items available from the site, you can then save it, print it off, compare it to other peoples or buy the items, you can even create mood boards, so get those creative juices flowing and log on to www.mydeco.com

Deptford Cafe


If you go down to Deptford today you would find a Cafe that is not what you would typicaly expect from a south-east London eaterie. The cafe is housed in a 35 tonne 1960’s train carriage with an exterior that has been handpainted by Studio Myerscough, the cafĂ© is part of a regeneration plan for the area that includes a creative industries market and art galleries. The cafe fills the length of the carriage with custom painted tables and chairs throughout and a decking area out the front which may not be great at this time of year but will no doubt be packed come summer. They are committed to sourcing local ingredients and use only sustainable farmed coffee and all the food is home made so dont expect the normal fare you would to come across from the train snack trolley in this carriage. www.thedeptfordproject.com

Fiat 500 by Diesel


Fresh off the forecourt from our friends over at Diesel comes a four wheeled collaboration with the people from Fiat which sees the creation of the Fiat 500 Diesel. 10,000 of these cool little cars will get the Diesel makeover, which includes exclusive details such as Diesel branded alloys and a Diesel Denim Interior. You can customise and build your car online now at fiat.co.uk and for more information about ‘i-am’ and our work with Diesel, read our Diesel Case Study